Image credit: Unsplash
Image credit: Unsplash

Omnichannel Behaviour: Definitions and Covariables


In pursuit of a more efficient shopping experience, consumers are using a growing combination of distribution channels, in what has come to be known as omnichannel behaviour. Greater understanding of this phenomenon could aid retailers in managing consumer contact points more efficiently. Using distribution services and channel policies, among other key variables, this paper aims to arrive at a conceptual definition of omnichannel behaviour that will enable firms to implement more effective customer segmentation. Methodologically, it is an empirical study based on an online survey of the customers of a global fast fashion chain. The key channel characteristics in this segmentation are found to be the assurance of product delivery and privacy policy. The majority of users of both the offline and online channels are women, younger, more innovative in channel usage and do most of their shopping online.

Houston, USA